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Pavuk Legal Cross-Border Law Services

We practice in:

  • Advise in private client transactions including property and probate of estates or beneficiary entitlements in respect to Australian, Ukrainian or Russian beneficiaries or estates.
  • Assist with property transfers and other property dealings in Ukraine and Russia, including preparation of Powers of Attorney and other documentation in English, Ukrainian and Russian as required.

  • Review documents executed or issued in Ukraine and Russia and prepare Legal Opinions and Expert Reports to meet the relevant legal requirements of Australia, Ukraine or Russia.
  • Provide submissions and applications to Eastern Europe Courts, and in particular in Ukraine and Russia.
  • Draft contracts and Commercial Agreements in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

  • Structure cross-border ventures and appropriately document the venture agreements to comply with the relevant law of Australia, Ukraine or Russia.
  • Prepare Eastern European Correspondence with Third Parties whether in Australia, Ukraine or Russia.
  • Assist with insurance claims where an insured event occurred on the territory of Ukraine or Russia.

Sydney Cross Border Law Lawyers

Pavuk Legal advises other legal professionals as well as enterprises and individuals in Australia about Eastern European law, particularly if they have cross-border business interests or dealings in Ukraine or Russia.

Pavuk Legal also advises and assists public trustees and trustee companies as well as executors and beneficiaries of estates with assets in Ukraine or Russia in the context of private Australian family and succession matters. Pavuk Legal also provides assistance with insurance claims relating to Ukraine or Russia.


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