Sydney Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Pavuk Legal’s lawyers have the necessary skills to advise you on Litigation matters.

Pavuk Legal Commercial Litigation Law Services Sydney

We specialise in:

  • A wide range of commercial issues
  • Bankruptcy
  • Employment law
  • Debt recovery
  • Strata disputes
  • Trusts

Court experience:

  • The Supreme Court of NSW;
  • The Supreme Court, Court of Appeal NSW;
  • The Family Court;
  • The Federal Circuit Court;
  • The Federal Court;
  • The Full Court of the Federal Court; and
  • The High Court of Australia.

Medical Negligence

If you feel you have suffered an injury due to a health practitioner failing their duty of care, Pavuk Legal can provide you with sound advice.

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Commercial Litigation Lawyers Sydney

At Pavuk Legal we believe every dispute is distinct. A tailor made strategic plan is required to reach the most effective solution for our clients.

We approach a dispute through private negotiation to achieve the most cost-effective and time-efficient solution.

If negotiation produces an unsatisfactory outcome, we have the tools and confidence to aggressively represent you in formal litigation. We have extensive experience advocating for our clients in large and complex disputes throughout multiple jurisdictions.

Our Sydney commercial litigation lawyers can assist you with litigation across a wide range of commercial issues, including bankruptcy, medical negligence, employment law, debt recovery, strata disputes and trusts.

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